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Filip Roséen first got in contact with the world of software development at the age of 10 when his father showed him his old Commodore 64, and with that; Basic.

From that day forward, most nights has been spent in front of a computer; writing software (both for practical and theoretical use), as well as spending time on online forums where he could both provide and ask for help in any of the related subjects.

No matter the situation, Filip is mostly found having his laptop in either his lap, or his backpack; ready to utilize any spare time with the goal of gaining as much knowledge as humanly possible.

| To know what you know, and what you |
| do not know, that is true knowledge |
                                        '- [Confucius]

Why start a blog?

I have often felt a strong urge to write and publish articles that I feel would be of interest to the world of C++, as well as other compsci related subjects.

If this goes horribly wrong, please blame The Urge (xkcd).

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